Friday, 9 October 2015

Falling Bricks

"Mummy, why did Daddy just say 'Falling Bricks'?"
I was in my home office early this morning, foul-mouthing a magazine that had just aggravated me due to a mis-managed financial agreement.
"*uck*** P*****!" is what I actually said. Luckily my seven-year-old's delicate ears didn't pick that up. My wife was in hysterics. BP
Random photo courtesy of Google images.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

M3 Racing RS750

M3 Racing are competing historic Honda RS750s in the AMA GNC. See more at M3 Racing Facebook. G

250 London Range Launched

Sideburn supporter 250 London have launched their own MX clothing range. This is the story in their own words.

250London is the brainchild of menswear designer, Adam Waite. An ex-Motocross racer, Adam also owns a successful London based Menswear store, and has had a passion for Motocross since he was a kid, when he used to ride his bike around the Welsh countryside. He's always been inspired by the good old days of Nylon and Malcolm Smith and JT Racing, the scream of the 2 stroke engines and the smell of the pre-mix fuel. A time when the clothes were fitted, colours were vibrant neons and pinks, bright blues and oranges, men had mullets, trucker caps and oodles of facial hair! 

With 250London, Adam is curating a cool selection of Vintage style Motocross accessories and wares. The main objective, alongside this, was to recreate the original race gear of the 70's & 80's! Think Nylon and Airtex jerseys, using the brave and bold colours of those decades, all under the 250London brand. 

For those old guys, ex racers, and style-conscious riders, who want 'the look' without having to buy second hand kit on auction sites, we've now produced our own collection, as an alternative and something a bit more unique. 

Have a look on the 250 London STORE at our brand new range of 250London Race Tops + Pants as well as Tee Shirts and Caps.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Sideburn 18 Unearthed

This issue sold out remarkably quickly (something to do with Guy Martin shot by Sam Christmas being on the cover?).
I've just found two in the bottom of a box of something else.
They might be very, very slightly warehouse worn, but I can't spot anything wrong with them.

Go to to order if you want one. £5 plus post. G

Hoi Chi Minh Trail by C90

Criminally I don't make enough time to read books, so it's taken me over six months of dipping to get through this book but it's a good read. 'Ants' Bolingbroke-Kent is a well-traveled TV producer who had already explored Vietnam in preparation for more pampered adventure, but she decided to return on her ownsome to follow the route of the infamous Hoi Chi Minh trail (still littered with unexploded American bombs), which also crosses Laos and Cambodia. On a 1989 C90.

Four back-street engine re-builds later she made the 2000 miles unscathed. Most people she meets on the two month treck think she's mental for her choice of vehicle and lack of companion or logistical back-up, but she proves that her calm determination (and a bottle of stashed gin), will push her through and also makes her also more open to approach.
Wot no knobblies. BP

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Enzo Sidecars: Back in stock

These are officially child's toy, but they make a great ornament too (in my opinion). Super tactile, EU approved, designed in the UK for a UK company (but made abroad).
We had British Racing Green and copper-coloured ones that sold out. Now we have red and chrome and silver and black.

Dimensions: Length 250mm x Width 195mm x Height 130mm
Materials: ABS Plastic with high gloss UV coating. Hand-polished with care.

£42 plus post for
We deliver worldwide. G

UK: Looking Good

Our friends James from Kingdom of Kicks and photographer James A Grant, among others, went on a Sailor Jerry-supported road trip around the UK on their Harleys, meeting up with friends (including Sideburn stockists Strong Adolfo's in Cornwall).
Anyway, the film really makes me want to ride the peripheries of our cramped medium-sized island. G

DAY 1 London to Brighton
DAY 2 Brighton to Dorset via Southampton
DAY 3 Dorset to Cornwall
DAY 4 Cornwall
DAY 5 Cornwall to Bristol
DAY 6 Bristol to Wales
DAY 7 Cardiff to Manchester
DAY 8 Manchester drive to Lake District
DAY 9 Lake District to Glasgow
DAY 10 Glasgow to Inverness
DAY 11 Tuesday 1st Sep – Edinburgh - Party at Sneaky Pete’s Bar
DAY 12 Edinburgh to Newcastle
DAY 13 Newcastle to Nottingham
DAY 14 Nottingham to Bedford - The Trip Out Festival, Bedford
DAY 15 Bedford - The Trip Out Festival
DAY 16 Bedford to London - Finish

Monday, 5 October 2015

The Picturebooks

Recommended by Eat Dust, I looked into The Picturebooks. They're a German two-piece whose videos are very Dice, not a bad thing. I started playing the YouTube videos in the background, and began liking the music more and more. It's a bit Black Keys, but heavier. Turns out they played the Trip Out and went down well (but I was in India).
Anyway, they're on a big tour and one of the dates was Grimsby. Grimsby is 90-mins drive from me, but I knew a couple of friends up that way who'd go, and I thought A. Anyone who tours Europe and picks Grimsby needs supporting. B. Any venue who books a little known German band to play on a Sunday IN GRIMSBY needs supporting.
So I went, and they were fantastic. Two piece band: singer-guitarist, drummer-backing vocals. You've never seen a drumer work harder. And they're touring with the drummer's dad, who just happens to be Claus Grabke, 80s pro skateboarder (who also shoots the band's videos).
Go see them if they come near you. G

Deus Slidetober 2015

5th Slidetober weekender organised by Deus in Bali. Looks like a lot of fun. BP

Sunday, 4 October 2015

James Brown in Vietnam, 1968

Hey, it's off-topic Sunday! Remember, if you came to this site for motorbikes, you came to the right place. There are over 5000 posts on this blog, pick a subject from the labels list at the side and dive in. Or buy the magazine. Sometimes though, we want to talk about other things. This is one of those times...

I watched the James Brown biopic, Get On Up (co-produced by The Walking Dead's* Mick Jagger) on DVD. I really enjoyed it, but struggled catching some of the mumbled dialogue. It is obviously a dramatisation of a long and action-packed life (abandoned as a child, spousal abuse, laugh a minute), but I don't know how much it gilded the lily.

One great section is when James Brown (aka the Godfather of Soul, Mr Dynamite, Minister of the New New Super Heavy Funk, The Hardest Working Man in Showbusiness, Mr Please Please Please, Soul Brother Number One) and his band are on a troop transporter plane to Vietnam to play to the US soldiers, in June 1968. Part of the dramatisation is clearly enhanced, but they really did perform in Vietnam, when it was the last place of earth anyone really wanted to be. These superb photos are from the performance, and I found them on the internet, so apologies to the photographers for not crediting.

Perhaps it's just me, but I've watched quite a lot of Vietnam movies over the years and I don't remember seeing any that show just how many black GIs were in action. Just look at the crowd here. Clearly if Johnny Cash was playing you might expect fewer black faces right at the front, but the US government didn't fly in a rent-a-crowd to make JB look good. Anyway, just a thought. G

* Sorry, I mean The Rolling Stones