Saturday, 25 October 2014


We sometimes get 'foreigners' leaving blog post comments here, that they don't understand our peculiar use of the English language - or even getting thrown (confused) buy just single words that have ambiguous meaning. Google Translate probably has a lot to answer for (is to blame for international miscommunication). Now I have a foreign wife and I'm teaching my young kids to read and write, I'm even more aware of the bizarre irregularities in the English language. The use/meaning of words changes with time and cultural/social climate too. When I was at school the word 'spunk' meant bravado - I can remember our Latin teacher using it. Today it means something else and Latin is no longer taught in schools (is there a connection there?).
Today's word in question is 'cocksure'. I'm not sure of its origin - male fighting chickens? My Collins Gem English Dictionary (printed in 2004) lists it as: '(adjective) overconfident, arrogant'. To me there has to me some male swagger in there - I wouldn't say overconfident, but definitely large balls (testicles) clanging - like Marco Melandri here.... BP

Friday, 24 October 2014

Kenny and Skip

Researching the Skip Aksland archive for Sideburn #18, as well as going through his own old album snaps, I came across this one online (on a German website I think), but I couldn't find the source, and so sadly no hires that we could reprint. Left to right: Fred Moberg, Kenny Roberts, Bud Aksland (Skip's older brother who worked as his mechanic for many years), Skip Aksland, Terry Sage (tuner), after winning an Astro Dome short track race 1970. Below, the opening page to the SB#18 story.
Skip also battled with our Barry on the road racing circuit.
Skip shadowed Kenny like a good Jedi, replicating his every move. BP
(Left bottom) Yamaha TZ750, San Jose Mile, 1975 "My rookie year. Me, Kenny, Randy Cleek, Stevie Baker and Rick Hocking rode these monsters at three mile races: Indy, Syracuse and San Jose. I made the main event at all three races. Kenny made the bike famous when he won on it at Indy by chasing down Jay Springsteen and Corky Keener on the last lap."

I just asked Skip:
"How did you hook up with Kenny in the first place?
- you look really young in this [top] photo!
How come Kenny took you under his wing?"

"Ben, my bother Bud owned a Suzuki shop in Manteca Ca. In the late '60 and sponsored Kenny in his amateur years. We rode together just about everyday at my Dads ranch. When Kenny turned professional he hired Bud to be his mechanic. I'm 13 or 14 years old in this photo. Terry Sage (far right) would later become my mechanic - my best years as a professional. This photo was taken by my mother driving home from Houston, somewhere in Texas or New Mexico. Kenny had just won the Junior Shorttrack National.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Icon Old Ghost GPz900R

This is one of the latest builds by Icon in Portland. It's a 1984 GPz900R, they've called the Old Ghost.

Icon say, 'Modified fairings and dry-break tank gave the Ninja the sophistication of a monocled endurance racer. A Wiseco big bore kit, K and N filters, ducted Earls oil-cooler, and Racefit pipe increased her mechanized punch. The oversized Roaring Toyz swingarm, equipped with Ohlins TTX race shock, kept things properly stanced in the rear. And while the English origin of both the Avon tyres and EBC rotors was well known, the suspicious domestic origin of the bespoke billet wheels could be neither confirmed nor denied.'

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Doug's Triumph

Desert sled style, built by CFM, Lincolnshire. G

One-Off Wednesday

The last Umlaut hooded sweat.
Black with Red print.
XXL only.

Go here to get it.

We have the original Sideburn logo hooded sweats, but the charcoal grey is running out fast.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Archie Bronson Trio by Stevie Gee

Stevie Gee, the Tequila Mockingbird himself, has been showing his wares at Strong Adolfo's in Cornwall and Wheels and Waves in Biarritz, since the Slacker Show last year (for which Sideburn built Stevie a Kawasaki Z200, that you can read all about in Sideburn 15).

And then he releases this on the world, the full animated video for his friends The Archie Bronson Trio.  It squeezes 10 days of fun into 210 seconds of flashing imagery. It's good, but don't watch it if you're on medication, are pregnant or have a bad back. You have been warned. G

Newbold's Motorbike Shop

I had the opportunity to visit racer, friend and poet, Travis Newbold and his motorcycle shop in Wheat Ridge, Denver last week. This is what I found...
That's Travis and his junkyard XS650 that he is going to ride off-road from LA to Barstow next Spring. He has monoshocked it with an old YZ back end. I think the front end is YZ too. Seat and plastics are Kawasaki (from a junk yard, like the YZ bits).
 Tools and stickers...
Helmets and trophies.
 More stickers
A Monkey.
 About 10% of Travis's trophy haul.
 A few more trophies.
 Travis's favourite trophies in a glass case - from Pikes Peak and his Dirt Quake II number board.
 His first race gloves.
 Hondasaki project.
This is how Travis and his dog Baja travel the few miles to work most days. Baja has ridden with Travis since she was a pup. A woman in a car pulled up next to Travis and started threatening to ring the police and report him for animal cruelty. Travis explained that the dog had more sense than him and her put together and if she didn't want to get on the bike she wouldn't. That shut her up.
Newbold's Motorbike Shop stocks Sideburn.

Monday, 20 October 2014

For Sale: Harley XR750 from SB18

This outstanding 2007 C&J XR750, in (kind of) street trim, is on sale on US eBay.
It raced at Dirt Quake USA and it's featured in Sideburn 18 if you want to read all about it.
Buy it at Harley XR750 street tracker. G

Pitch Drop, Italy

We mentioned Pitch Drop a few weeks ago when they had a Zaeta event. The shop, in the small town of Piove di Sacco, betweenVenice and Padova/Padua sent us these photos so we could introduce them as a stockist.

If your shop wants to stock Sideburn get in touch and we'll make it very easy for you. G

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Guy Martin Signed Sideburn

I meant to mention this ages ago.
Anyone who orders anything from Sideburn in the month of October will be entered into a draw to win a copy of Sideburn 18 signed by the cover star, Guy Martin.

One winner, no alternative prizes.
Any order directly from us is valid, from anywhere in the world.

Go to the Sideburn shop to order.

Good luck. G