Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Newbold's Motorbike Shop

I had the opportunity to visit racer, friend and poet, Travis Newbold and his motorcycle shop in Wheat Ridge, Denver last week. This is what I found...
That's Travis and his junkyard XS650 that he is going to ride off-road from LA to Barstow next Spring. He has monoshocked it with an old YZ back end. I think the front end is YZ too. Seat and plastics are Kawasaki (from a junk yard, like the YZ bits).
 Tools and stickers...
Helmets and trophies.
 More stickers
A Monkey.
 About 10% of Travis's trophy haul.
 A few more trophies.
 Travis's favourite trophies in a glass case - from Pikes Peak and his Dirt Quake II number board.
 His first race gloves.
 Hondasaki project.
This is how Travis and his dog Baja travel the few miles to work most days. Baja has ridden with Travis since she was a pup. A woman in a car pulled up next to Travis and started threatening to ring the police and report him for animal cruelty. Travis explained that the dog had more sense than him and her put together and if she didn't want to get on the bike she wouldn't. That shut her up.
Newbold's Motorbike Shop stocks Sideburn.

Monday, 20 October 2014

For Sale: Harley XR750 from SB18

This outstanding 2007 C&J XR750, in (kind of) street trim, is on sale on US eBay.
It raced at Dirt Quake USA and it's featured in Sideburn 18 if you want to read all about it.
Buy it at Harley XR750 street tracker. G

Pitch Drop, Italy

We mentioned Pitch Drop a few weeks ago when they had a Zaeta event. The shop, in the small town of Piove di Sacco, betweenVenice and Padova/Padua sent us these photos so we could introduce them as a stockist.

If your shop wants to stock Sideburn get in touch and we'll make it very easy for you. G

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Guy Martin Signed Sideburn

I meant to mention this ages ago.
Anyone who orders anything from Sideburn in the month of October will be entered into a draw to win a copy of Sideburn 18 signed by the cover star, Guy Martin.

One winner, no alternative prizes.
Any order directly from us is valid, from anywhere in the world.

Go to the Sideburn shop to order.

Good luck. G


I inherited some tools over the summer, all sorts, but these two go well together, a Transatlantic brutal twosome, damaging in the wrong hands. Pre-Irwin Vise Grip, made by Petersen in DeWitt, Nebraska (patented in 1924, the British Mole version didn't appear until more than 30 years later). King Dick adjustable made in Birmingham, England. King Dick (settle down at the back) started off as The Abingdon Works Co. in the mid-19th century and over the years built various single and V-twin motorcycles and engines under the Abingdon and King Dick names until the early 1930s. MP

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Sammy Halbert Night: TONIGHT

If you're in the UK, you really want to make the DTRA x Sideburn Sammy Halbert Night tonight. A very rare opportunity to ask a top GNC flat track race winner your own questions.

Pay on the door. Saturday 18th October 6.30 - 10.30 with a licenced bar

VENUE The Benn Hall , Newbold Road, Rugby CV21 2LN

Friday, 17 October 2014

Dritek Hanger: In Stock

I know this isn't solving world poverty or finding a cure for ebola, but it is going to make your already extremely cushy, 21st century, middle class, Western life that little bit better.

I was sent a sample of this Dritek Hanger and knew, within 30 seconds, I wanted to start selling them. Yes, yes, it's a clothes hanger, but it's the only one I've found that can hold full leathers without bending or breaking. And it's guaranteed to do it for TEN YEARS!

The makers say it can deal with 30kg (66lbs or 4.7 stone). They explain...

The Dritek Hanger is an innovative combination of 3 main elements: (1) a high load carabiner, (2) a flexible and adjustable strap and (3) a unique, super-sized hanger, specifically designed to be tough while being gentle to fabrics.

They're £15 plus post from the Sideburn shop. G

Jean-Michel Bayle Honda 750NS El Mirage

Dimitri Coste made some great photos of Jean-Michele Bayle riding a Honda 750NS at El Mirage for Cafe Racer magazine - also run in Riders magazine. This is a short video clip he made at the same time. BP
You can read about the development of this bike into the 750RS in the Bubba Shobert article in SB#9

Thursday, 16 October 2014


We don't normally do small ads for people (so don't ask - unless they're dirt track race bikes for sale), but we'll make an exception for this ugly bug. Here's the owner's spiel.

It is an MZ Trophy ES250, mechanically sound, quirky with subtle mods to suit its utilitarian looks, Dirt Quake contender, DGR steed and everyday fun bike that is reliable and economical,and tax exempt! £1200 Graham 07801 597447

Pomona Half-Mile

The final race of the season. The decider. Mees, Smith and Johnson can all win it, going into this race. Smith had already won the Dash for Cash (for the top six qualifiers) by this point... G